CI usable per channel/SID or per TP?

CI usable per channel/SID or per TP?

Beitragvon richh » Fr 2. Dez 2011, 22:16

you have in pages for L4M-Flex CI and L4M-Twin CI notice
"ATTENTION ! at the moment is the CI only per channel usable..."

However I guess this notice mean it in fact that CI is usable per whole transponder (per all SIDs in sam etransponder), not just per one program channel (per one SID). Please fix me. It will be quite uncommon that CI not able to decode all SID's in same TP, of course CAM must be able to do so.

What is reality?
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Re: CI usable per channel/SID or per TP?

Beitragvon haggi » Mi 14. Dez 2011, 23:28

It is indeed the case that each Common Interface can be decrypted only one channel. The problem here is that each transmitter must be decrypted by the CI. Therefore, it is not wise transponder, but channel for channel.

At this stage, unfortunately, the multi-transponder decoding is not integrated.

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